Mains water leaks can be costly.

And they’re sometimes difficult to detect without the right equipment.


Look out for the following:

  • Higher water meter readings – meter turning when water not being used in the property!
  • Higher water bills

Other signs will emerge as excess underground water can cause:

  • Unpleasant smells – mould forms over time
  • Cracked pavements near your property
  • Visible potholes, with water showing outside the property


The good news

A simple pressure test, leak detection, or meter test often unearths the problem.

Plus, buildings and contents insurance may well cover drainage leaks and burst pipes. In fact, they account for 1 in 4 claims.


If in doubt, call us out today.

We’d be happy to advise on the best way forward.


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A Policy Holder has just rang up and just wanted to say how amazing and great You guys have been Today, She could not praise You enough and was really grateful for the works You have done.  So just...

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