Pitch Fibre Repairs

Popular in the 1960s and 70s, pitch fibre pipes were made from wood cellulose fibre impregnated with carefully refined inert coal tar pitch. It was a revolution at the time due to its sheer length. It was far easier to install than the traditional clay pipes and, therefore, a lot cheaper.


The problems

Due to the makeup of the pipe, it tends to de-laminate/blister or become deformed and flattened/misshapen, leading to blockages and collapsing of the pipes. The pipes can also leak, which in turn attracts tree roots into the pipework.

Although the pitch fibre was considered a good material to make drains from in the 1960s, it soon became apparent it would not be able to stand up to the things put down our drains: cleaning products such as bleaches/fats and other solvents. These all speed up the deterioration and breaking down of the pitch fibre.


Our solutions

We have been carrying out repairs to damaged pitch fibre for several years and have perfected our no-dig repair solutions, which involve reshaping the deformed pipe with our winch system. After this has been carried out, the pipe is cleaned and checked with our CCTV camera, and once we are happy with the re-profiling a CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) structural liner is installed to hold the pipe into shape, stopping any future deformation of the pipe.


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A Policy Holder has just rang up and just wanted to say how amazing and great You guys have been Today, She could not praise You enough and was really grateful for the works You have done.  So just...

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