Impact moling is a technique which minimises the impact of replacing any pipes on your land. Rather than dig up the entire line of pipework, a pipe is inserted under the ground from holes dug at either end.

Where is impact moling used?

Impact moling is best suited to leaks under an area such as a garden, house or road. Using this trench-less technology we can insert a new length of pipe with the absolute minimum of disruption to your home.

The benefits of our services

Rather than repairing a broken pipe, trench-less drilling inserts an complete new length of pipe work. This means the entire new pipe will be of better quality than the existing pipe, leading to a much longer life expectancy than an old repaired pipe.

Trench-less pipe laying gives you the benefit of modern pipework for your home with the minimum of impact. Using Drain Wizard gives you the peace of mind that it will be conducted correctly.

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