Patch Repair preparation

Drain patch repairs are required usually when a pipe suffers a minor breach. This is most often caused by questing roots. After clearing out the roots from the drain, using a specialist cutter, we can repair the damage to the pipe without digging up the pipe.

Patch repair solutions

We can carry out drain spot patch repairs by feeding a small section of specially designed liner into the pipe on a special machine. This allows us to repair a wide range of defects once they have been identified. Problems such as damaged and leaking joints or fractured length of pipe work. The patch may reduce the capacity of the pipe slightly, but the incredibly smooth finish of the patch will more than compensate for this.

The drain patch itself is a fabric segment which is impregnated with epoxy resin. This is fed into the pipe on an inflatable device which is fed into the drain. Once it reaches the damaged section it is then inflated. The patch is held in place until the patch cures properly. The machinery is then deflated again and withdrawn. This leaves the patch in place, smooth and strong in the pipe.

Diagram showing the process of patching a pipe

Pipe view after patch repair process

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