Blocked drain clearance using high pressure jet
Blocked drain clearance using high pressure jet

Blocked drains can cause you an enormous amount of stress. We at Drain Wizard understand completely, which is why we employ the latest technologies such as high pressure jets and root cutters to get you back to normal in next to no time. Blocked drain clearance is carried out with the aid of a CCTV drain camera to provide visual confirmation of a clean drain. All our work is guaranteed and our aim is to provide a courteous and effective service with a high standard of workmanship, no matter how harsh the conditions.

There are two main reasons for drain blockages: a build up of debris in the pipework or a structural defect such as a collapsed pipe wall. Very often you can be unaware of the blockage for several days until water backs up into a toilet, sink or outside drain. Our engineer will explain to you the possible causes and will talk you through the procedure(s) that will be carried out to unblock and clean the drains. In case of collapsed pipework, it will need to be repaired.

Sometimes, the smaller problems can cause the most stress, such as blocked toilets, burst pipes or leaking overflows. Our dedicated team can quickly resolve the matter for you, letting you get back to normal with the least amount of fuss.

CCTV survey being carried out via a domestic toilet to find a pipe blockage

Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet pan results in the flush water rising up to the rim and possibly overflowing. Depending on the extent of the blockage, the water can slowly drain away. Normally, it is an obstacle such as a nappy or excess toilet tissue that is blocking the pan outlet. Sometimes, the blockage could have moved further down the drainage system. Our team will investigate fully and remove the blockage to get the water flowing again.

Unblocking a domestic sink

Blocked Sink

Grease build and fibres caught up under the grid can result in water draining away slowly. Our team can investigate any such problem and rectify it.

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